As the „New Urban Player“ TOM TAILOR emphasizes on its brand promise “Life is a game, play it, be confident, dress in style”.

With this new strategy the brand attracts customers who care about individuality, self-confidence and activity and who enjoy living a dynamic life in an urban environment. TOM TAILOR supports the Urban Player with authentic and self-confident looks. The looks are defined by leisurely, athletic and natural components, which are based on stylistic confidence and modernity. The brand also focuses on contemporary styles with a clear statement. The looks are self-confident, fashionable, elegant, stylish, less colorful and use a range of selected fabrics and degrees of quality. All styles appear in twelve collections per year.

TOM TAILOR: #EVERYWEARYOUGO (spring/summer 2017)
This summer, we let urban vibes inspire and carry us away. To escape from the demands and stresses of everyday life, we're following you into the urban jungle and the hidden cosmopolitan oases. TOM TAILOR is getting ready for anything the city demands, for any fashion occasion. With uncomplicated looks, exciting contrasts and intricate details, the spring/summer collections bring feel-good moments to our hectic daily lives and turn the summer into an unforgettable experience.

She is wearing an airy midi-dress with a floral print. The military jacket in olive green with embroidered accents creates a masculine counterbalance. This season is all about contrasts. Victorian lace meets robust military elements, while casual denims with patches pair with delicate, embroidered blouses.

Follow us this season as we follow you through your urban jungle. Where is your oasis? #EVERYWEARYOUGO

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