Wheter it's a baby or a child - the 'TOM TAILOR KIDS' collections have fashionable clothing for all ages between 0 and 14 years.

The KIDS collections comprise casual and functional streetwear in a wide range of cool and active styles. They are in keeping with the latest trends in fashion and also cater for the needs of the little ones and youngsters as well as parents’ requirements in terms of functionality, high-quality fabrics and an optimal fit. The styles are authentically designed with great care and attention and can be combined in many different ways to create trendy new outfits.

The product line KIDS comprises the labels 'TOM TAILOR BOYS' and 'TOM TAILOR GIRLS' for 8- to 14-year-olds as well as 'TOM TAILOR MINI BOYS' and 'TOM TAILOR MINI GIRLS' for children aged 18 months to 7 years. In 2010, the label 'TOM TAILOR BABY' was added to the product line for babies aged 0 to 18 months. With TOM TAILOR KIDS, the little ones will always be in fashion!

Hold on tight! The Fall/Winter 2016 collections from TOM TAILOR KIDS are both cool and comfortable this season!

TOM TAILOR TEENS offers especially stylish and mature looks this fall. The collection for GIRLS features strong 1970s influences, with a focus on cute striped shirts, short jean-skirts and playful lace tops. For BOYS, the emphasis is on sporty looks— from bomber jackets in collegiate style to snug jeans with destroyed effects and cool sneakers. These are a perfect match for a gray sweater, casually slung around the hip.

TOM TAILOR MINIS features unique classics and cool styles this season. The pink tulle skirts and quilted bomber jackets from MINI GIRLS are all about creating contrasts, while playful details add a romantic touch to these looks. The MINI BOYS collection plays on today’s top trends, featuring classic denim shirts and stripes in various patterns. Cool bomber jackets and tailored jeans with suspenders round out these outfits.

Playful prints and applications lend a certain something to the TOM TAILOR BABIES collection. Paired with warm gray tones and plushy fabrics, these outfits will be a big hit in any wardrobe. The BABY GIRLS collection features cute frills, playful valances and adorable ladybird and kitty-cat prints. For BABY BOYS, it's all about comfy sweatshirts with matching pants and adventurous fox and dinosaur prints. In addition to cute designs, these outfits provide maximum comfort and mobility. After all, little ones should not only look cute—they should always feel comfortable!

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