'TOM TAILOR Denim Male' represents a casual, active and authentic lifestyle and is aimed at young men aged between 15 and 25.

‘TOM TAILOR Denim Male’ represents a casual, active and authentic lifestyle and is aimed at young men aged between 15 and 25. They are full of energy, have a zest for life, keep up with trends and have a keen interest in fashion. Just like the 12 TOM TAILOR Denim collections, which are inspired by the latest trends and must-haves from the world's fashion capitals. Whether it's for the next festival on Coney Island in New York or the upcoming rock concert in London – the collection is guaranteed to have the right look for every event. Casual cuts, trendy washes, unusual colours and eye-catching details – TOM TAILOR Denim is totally in vogue, with all the top trends. The collection focuses on denim and denim lifestyle products such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, jackets, pants and sweaters.

TOM TAILOR Denim: #ttdjustplay (Fall/Winter 2016)
„The city is our playground“ is the motto for the retro-inspired fall/winter 2016 collections. Being creative, free and independently living out one’s ideas and talents, confidently walking one’s path; that’s the idea and the message of the campaign. TOM TAILOR Denim is an attitude towards life, which can be experienced through the current collections. Denim-blue continues to set the tone, while being contrasted with strong red tones and off-white elements. Mixing denim elements with fashion pieces creates happening looks, which are inspired by the classic college-look and the spirit of the ’70s. She wears a denim bib dress with a happening ’70s-inspired turtleneck sweater. He wears a sporty college-style sweatshirt with a check shirt and relaxed denim joggers. The collections allow for a lot of freedom to create individual styles.

Don’t let anything restrain you. Live your talents. Your city is your playground.


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